Innovation, development
Digitalisation, transformation
Optimisation, acceleration

You want to:

Increase your SALES
in France and/or in Germany.
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by increasing productivity and efficiency.
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of communication and information flows.
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Accelerate your international PROJECTS
in France and in Germany.
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Customers and suppliers in France and in Germany.
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Stand out from COMPETITION
in France and/or in France.
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  • Sales and Marketing strategy adaptation and development for France and/or Germany

  • Digitalization of sales 

  • Increase sales performances in France and/or in Germany

  • Optimization of the organization and gain sales efficiency 

  • Improve communication and information flows

  • Structuring and optimizing processes

  • Market field research and study on competition in France and Germany

  • Innovation monitoring and research

  • Customer, supplier and partner acquisition in France and Germany

Axel Stabnau

French-German management consultant


My profil: bachelor of arts in business administration, specialization sales. As native Franco-German, creativity and thoroughness characterize my way of working.

My expertise: over 20 years french-german management and business development as consultant, sales, area sales manager, team leader, regional director and exclusive distributor for well-known german and french companies in the building and retail sector.

My goal: accompany you in the development of your business, provide solutions in order to save you time and money.



Business performance

Develop the company’s business performance through sales and marketing strategy, optimisation of the company’s organisation through operations and processes, data, digital tools, human skills and management.

International: France & Germany

Export, country establishment, German or French subsidiary, business development, company development, company restructuring in France and in Germany.

France Germany

Construction sector: industry and commerce, Energy efficient buildings

New construction, prefabricated, timber construction, energy efficient buildings, passive houses, energy plus houses, high energy efficiency renovation, building elements, natural insulation materials, sustainable products, indoor air quality, ventilation with heat recovery and heating with renewable energies.


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