Your franco-german
business accelerator

Corporate and business development 

in France and in Germany


You want to:

win new CUSTOMERS, suppliers or partners.

You want to:

accelerate your franco-german PROJECTS

You want to:

increase your SALES in France or Germany.

You want to:

gain and save TIME.

You want to:

stand out from the COMPETITION. 

  • Market research and study on competition in France and Germany

  • Product innovation

  • Customer, supplier and partner acquisition in France and Germany

  • Sales and Marketing strategy for France

  • Sales and Marketing strategy for Germany

  • Increase customer loyalty

  • Sales organization optimization

  • Increase project management efficiency

  • Increase Sales performance


Franco-German management consultant

My profil: bachelor of arts in business administration, specialization sales. As native Franco-German, creativity and thoroughness characterize my way of working.

My expertise: over 20 years french-german management and business development as consultant, sales, area sales manager, team leader, regional director and exclusive distributor for well-known german and french companies in the building and retail sector.

My goal: accompany you in the development of your business, provide solutions in order to save you time and money.

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22, rue des Marguerites
F-67410 Drusenheim 

Tel: +33 3 69 02 31 85

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