The only thing that is constant is change.

Heraclitus, Greek philosopher


Yet man doesn’t like change; he prefers habits. In a lot of companies, you may hear the sentence “we’ve always done it like this”.  This sentence expresses the fear of change and constitutes an obstacle to the evolution that every company and human being needs. Our world is forever changing, whether we like it or not, and it’s changing faster and faster. Digital, societal, and environmental transformation are just a few kinds of change. Yes, the best practices of the past that have proven their worth should be preserved.  But we also need to try out new things, challenge our beliefs, innovate and evolve. Like financial investments, the “risk profile” of each individual and company defines the right balance between “safety” and “innovation”. It’s only those who do nothing that make no mistakes, and it is not by doing nothing that we make progress.  My role is to support you so that you can remain true to your identity and values while building your future.

Digitalisation is changing the way we invent, develop, work, communicate, buy and sell things. While it involves certain risks, it provides many opportunities for companies and people.  In this way, organizations can evolve and improve their performance, save time, gain efficiency and reduce costs. An important part of this transformation is defining the roles people play in it. I believe it’s important that digitisation should be done with and for people with the goal of enhancing human intelligence, not replacing it.

The quantity of data and information is increasing constantly. At the same time, customers expect high quality service that’s fast, and even immediate, while respecting their personal data. The companies that are most proficient at managing data and information internally (among departments) and externally (with their customers), will stand apart.

There are a lot of software packages on the market for each company’s specific needs. A company’s performance is often gauged by how efficiently it communicates between its departments. The object is therefore to create “communication gateways” between the people and software in the departments so that the workflow can function with the desired quality and speed.

The right information, at the right time with the right person so that he or she can carry out their mission with the aim of satisfying the company’s customers. Software and people are key to making information flow more fluidly and to increasing the quality of data processing. My role is to bring you an outside view and new ideas on architecture and organizational processes to boost your performance and efficiency.

Communication is essential inside a company, but it is just as important when aimed at customers, because they are the ones the company is working for. This is what we mean by customer relationship management (CRM).  Knowing your customers well means being able to meet their needs and expectations.

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