A virus called coronavirus or COVID-19 destabilizes our entire system. It took only a few weeks to put the whole world on “pause”. This unexpected event reminds us that there is nothing more important than health. Many thanks to all the medical staff who care for our patients and to all those who ensure the continuity of the supply of basic necessities.

It also reminds us that we do not control everything. We are all interconnected in our communities, regions, countries and beyond with the world, we cannot act alone. Our individualistic society must and will change, it has reached its limits. We miss our friends and relatives because we are not meant to live alone, we need social relationships. Values such as fraternity, sharing and collaboration will regain their full place to make sense of our actions.

If we consider health to be the most precious good of human beings, then let us take care of it. To preserve it we need nature, its fauna, flora and biodiversity with which we are also interconnected. We are the only species on earth to destroy our living space. No animal species does this. We will be the smartest, not by proclaiming it but by acting on it.

and companies in all of this ?

Yes, they must make money. The current period underlines this need for flow. Financial flow which is a means but which should not or no longer be the reason for being of companies. The current individualistic model of profit maximization is to the detriment of our most precious asset health and the nature we need. This “pause” is an opportunity for companies to reflect on the meaning of their actions, to design and build their and our future. If you too would like to take the next step, contact me. Together we will identify the particularity of your company, define the (new) objectives, develop the strategy and set up the right organization to achieve the right balance between finance, people and environment.

Photo Shane Rounce – Author Axel Stabnau

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