RESTART: from teleworking to increasing efficiency

Over the past few weeks, everyone has been forced to work remotely. For some it was already a habit, for many it was a completely new territory. Activity has been reduced to a minimum for most companies. Work is piling up, a huge amount of work is expected in the coming months. In order to best prepare for the new start, it is now necessary to profitably apply the positive conclusions of the current situation to the company’s processes. 

Whether at the office, hotel or at home, the work is done by the employee. The flexible working method “teleworking” carries risks but also opportunities. If, at the office or hotel, the physical distance to private life is given, at the home office, work and private life are at the same place. A sense of responsibility, self-organisation and disciplined implementation are absolutely necessary to provide the same service from home. Under normal circumstances, when the children are at school, those who are practiced achieve even better results. 

By saving travel time, travel to and from the office, the employee saves time and energy that can be used for actual work. The flexible division of labour makes it easier to reconcile private and professional life. Improved work-life balance leads to better performance. The employee can include short “private breaks” in the working day, which are also “creative breaks” for work. It is important that the work is finished at the end of the day or week. It is up to each individual to decide whether the employee works best at 6 a.m. or 10 p.m. because each employee is an adult and is responsible for his or her own work. For management, this means, in addition to directing and controlling, trusting, involving and supporting the employee. The working method becomes more collaborative. 

The positive effects of this way of working are increased motivation, increased identification, increased creativity and therefore increased employee performance. Employee agility brings agility to the company. 

With today’s digital opportunities, every employee can bring his or her expertise to an ongoing project from anywhere at any time. I support and accompany you in identifying, designing and introducing the right tools for your process flow, so that structure and agility do not contradict each other. The new way of working makes internal communication more transparent, considerably reduces e-mail traffic and lowers the error rate. The current work status can be traced chronologically for each employee, for each project, to the minute. By using less time for internal backup and information retrieval, project processing is accelerated in the customer’s interest. Welcome to the new and future world of work.

Photo Brian Metzler on Unsplash, Author Axel Stabnau

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